GGJ 2015

Result of the Global Game Jam 2015! Game can be downloaded here.
I worked on this game together with Ivon and 2 other people at the Jamsite in Enschede.
In this game you have play as a unicorn and sting cute animals with your horn to earn points 😀


3 week school project

This game was made as a school project with a 7 people team in 3 weeks. We’re really proud of what we archieved in 3 weeks.
Hope y’all like it! 🙂


New game project

We started with a group of 4 peaople on a new game called “project TimeIt” for IOS and Android. More info will be announced soon!


Delusion! Oculus Horror

Me and my project group at school are happy to announce to you, our new oculus rift horror game, Delusion!

Be sure to check it out under the games section.


Welcome to DarkPremise

Welcome to the website of DarkPremise. We are 2 students from Holland learning for game programmers.
This is our website/blog where you can find our games and we’ll post blogs.

~Rune and Bob